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Hot Lunch Program

Lunch is served at Faith Baptist by Regency Catering.  Students can purchase individual lunches, meals, or items from our a la carte menu.   Kid-friendly meals are prepared on site in our school cafeteria.

Hot Lunch A la Carte Meals

Breakfast: egg & cheese croissant, breakfast burrito, scrambled eggs, bagel with cream cheese, croissant, muffin, tater tots, and seasonal fruit. 


Lunch: grilled cheese sandwich, patty melt sandwich, chicken patty sandwich, steak & cheese ciabatta sandwich, cheeseburger, bbq onion ring cheeseburger, (protein style available for all sandwiches); bean & cheese burrito, chicken burrito, carne asada burrito, carne asada nachos, chicken or beef quesadilla, cheese quesadilla, chicken strips, cheese sticks, and fries.


Healthier Choices: garden burger with vegetarian patty, grilled chicken breast sandwich, bacon, lettuce,  tomato, and cheese sandwich, chicken caesar salad, bbq chicken salad, and country chicken salad

Day Care

Free Day Care is provided for all pre-school and elementary students from 8:00 A.M. to 8:30 A.M. and from 3 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.

Extended Day Care is from 7 -  8 A.M.  and from 4 - 6 P.M.  


Because Faith Baptist is located in a residential neighborhood, the school is not permitted to offer student services, including day care, after 6 P.M.


Our daycare supervisor can be reached after office hours in the event of an emergency at 818-266-1094.



Bus Services & Transportation

Faith Baptist Schools offers bus service for children age 4 through 12th grade.  3 different routes and our 4 certified drivers bring students from across Simi and the San Fernando Valleys.  

  • We offer 3 morning routes and 2 afternoon routes.

  • Departure can begin as early as 6 A.M. and students leave campus at 3:50 P.M. 

  • Contracts are offered on a semester basis.



STEAM - Electives

Faith Baptist will be offering an after-school coding class using the Swift programming language which enables children to learn how to code and build Apps in an interactive and fun way.


We are also offering a robotics class using Lego Mindstorm’s EV3, a hardware & software platform produced by Lego for children to learn programming skills and then test their programs with robots they built with Lego building blocks. Our chemistry lab is designed to inspire and encourage a child’s fascination with mixing, making, melting, blending, and freezing things.


Our Fun with Physics class will teach children how math applies to real life with fun egg drop challenges and roller-coaster and bridge building construction projects.


In Video Editing with Final Cut Pro, students will learn how to edit and render their own short films. Keyboarding will taught to all students who do not know how to type efficiently. Student leadership classes will include Jr. Life-guarding, Red Cross First Aid and CPR, Safety Patrol, and Honor Patrol.


Our arts classes will include an introduction to drawing and painting, photography, band, choir, drama, and Bible Quiz.


Basketball, cheer-leading, volleyball, soccer, football, wrestling, baseball & softball will also be available as part of our after-school sports programs.


Other resources

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